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View Full Version : Recouperated gloryhole side by side. Since it's official that Hugh's coming out and Mike asked about it in the other thread I thought I might make a separate thread. Hugh and I have plans to do a side by side trial of a recouperated and non recouperated gloryhole while he's out here.

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Pete VanderLaan. He builds very nice furnaces and has tinkered with recuperation systems for years. I like what he puts together and a lot of other people must as well since frequently when I sell a crucible, more often than not, it is for one of Charlies' units.

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View Full Version : Which table top Glory hole? I've got a good thing coming up in Christmas blowing glass at the local botanical garden during the Christmas weekends. I already have a nice crucible kiln and only really plan on using this for pattern bars and maybe paperweights and of course Christmas tree ornaments.

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These burners will withstand the rigors of the harsh environment that they are subjected to. They offer an exceptionally high Turndown ratio along with the lowest emissions in the Industry. They offer a very low noise level.

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There are two basic kinds of furnaces for melting glass: Pot and Tank. In the modern art glass studio, the pot furnace is much more likely, while a tank furnace is more likely in a production studio, classroom studio or commercial production facility. In an pot furnace there is a pre-cast, pre-fired ceramic holder - the pot - for the glass that can usually be added and removed.

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Posting for OCR customers only. If you would like to post a listing email the webmaster with your request. Little River Hotglass Studio.

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These glory holes are praised by Henry Halem in Glass Notes. The brick lining increases durability and acts as thermal mass. This results in more even heating and steadier interior temperatures as the doors are opened and closed.

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Glass shops have always been high energy consumers. The common early fuel was wood, and whole forests were consumed near glass furnaces. Though the fuel was cheap, the labor cost of harvesting and hauling it was relatively high.

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But Read On: we have a Seamless Replacement called the Hexagonal-Backed Giberson Ceramic Burner Head So the good news is we have a complete replacement that should function seamlessly for you in your furnaces and glories. It has been a tumultuous summer for me getting this off the ground and I am really glad we are now in this new production mode. A history of the Classic Giberson Head: In the mid s I discovered a company in Wisconsin which made metal stampings and by working with their team I designed a metal backplate for my ceramic burner production.

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Hi Mark, Okay, I'll welcome you in this post as well! Cool Mark! Are mini glory holes marketed or this a new idea? Betty Oh welcome also!


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